2015 Reflections

Looking back on the months gone by, as a new year starts and an old one ends, I meditate on the things that made me smile, laugh, weep, cry,  . . . . .that brought me joy, that made me have a tale to tell of my travail through the miry paths of the outgoing year.
I think of all loved ones, friends and well-wishers as well as sworn enemies.
I recall the happy times as well as the sad times.
I reflect upon the people, things, places and incidences which played their individual roles in the different scenes which rolled up to make the year 2015 and I cherish the thoughts when I remember how they have contributed to enriching my life . . .
As the year rolls out and a fresh one rolls in, I ponder on all who made my year meaningful, who contributed to enriching my life and you happen to have featured in all the scenes. . . even when backstage, fond thoughts of you kept me going and while on stage, oh! . . . how the lights glowed and the smiles beamed. . .
As I leave the shores of 2015, I drop all sad memories and I activate the multiplication of the pleasant memories as I enter into the harbor of 2016. . .  Sadness, stagnation, depression, oppression, suppression, retrogression, barrenness, failed promises, disappointments, and all other torments of the devil will not follow you into 2016 in Jesus name.
As I bid farewell, I give all the glory to my Lord and maker to whom be glory, honour, power and dominion for ever
I say thanks to my friends and well wishers, I appreciate you all
To those who showed me love, I remain grateful
To those whom I showed love to, I love you still!
To those who deprived me love, . . as well as others who are indebted to me in one way or the other, no offense taken! I have pleaded your passage into the new year. . . Just ensure you make amends as you enter the new year before the bells start ringing and before the trumpet sounds. . . (LOLS)
To those who expected my love but could not benefit from it this year, . . . Please remain on the frontline of righteousness as you enter this new year. . . As Zacchaeus was located, you are sure to be located in Jesus name.
To those who caused me hurt, you are all forgiven
To those whom I did hurt or cause some hurt, Please receive my sincere apologies. . . . forgive, forbear and forget, make ready to smile and lets make a new start.
To those who contributed to proving who I really am, thank you so much . . . your challenges made me strong . . . . Please let’s do it all over again
With a heart full of gratitude, I thank you for being one of the reasons why I confidently venture into the oncoming year and because I believe that you will be there also, I have requested for your ticket and booked your seat on the 8.OOpm flight into 2016.
By the time your Herod comes searching for you at the gates of 2015, you would have gone through the gates of 2016 at least 3hrs before his arrival. . . .
Every strongman in your life will be confounded. They shall have no hold over you in 2016 in Jesus name.
As you enter in to the new year, the Lord shall grant you the desires of your heart and help you to succeed in all your plans in Jesus name. . . Happy New Year to you all!!! – Bola.