Hatred, like a wound is as an engraving upon the soul.
As the wound engraves a mark upon the body, so does hatred engrave strife within the heart.
As it grows into a sore, so does hatred build a fortress of animosity, of pain, of grief and of hopelessness, being helpless in your situation, and not having or knowing anything to do about it nor have a feasible solution to the situation.
As a sore attracts flies and other insects, oozing out the pores, so does hatred attract insults, repulsion, detest and casting away. It affects your attitude and cause people to avoid you with a passion.
It takes the sincere caring of the heart in love to tend the wound, disdaining the foul and odorous emissions, and to administer treatment in a bid to effect healing.
Without this, the wound remains, with the pain, the shame and the ridiculousness of it all.
If you need to be rid of this wound or hurt as the case may be, you need to show some love for yourself as well as for others.
Likewise, if you need to forget a wrong, you need to approach it with love.
If you need to be happy, you need not hate.
If you need to forget anything or anyone as the case may be, you must not hate.
If you need to live in peace with everyone, you dare not hate.
Everyone or everything you hate remain engraved upon your heart.
In order to show love and affection, you need to eschew hatred and learn to accommodate or live with various idiosyncrasies. These are peculiar to the individual as it is even to you.
If others are wrong, have you ever asked yourself if you could ever have been wrong? What are your own peculiar idiosyncracies?
Maybe, as you see others, so they see you. So, who will make the world or the society a better place to live in?
I think you should take the first bold step to eradicate hatred, lay the foundation for forgiveness and build a lasting structure which is grounded in love.
Develop the attitude that you have a lesson to learn from every novel situation. Whatever hurt you bear helps you to have a better understanding of the person, teaches you a lesson and helps you to become a better person.
Let go of the seed of hate, cast it out, and with faith, embrace the virtues of Christian living, develop the spirit to forgive, to forbear and to forget – always ready to smile and make a new start.
If you need to be happy and to live in peace and harmony all around you, embrace LOVE!!!

Remain blessed,


Rising Storm

Sometimes God closes all doors and shuts all the windows. During those times, think that there may be a STORM outside and He wants you kept SAFE within. Be Positive.
Remember the days of Noah, how he was detested, mocked and abused. He maintained his focus on doing the will of God. He completed the building of the Ark and when the storm and the rains were to come, he was shut up in the Ark all through the period.
And the flood was forty days upon the earth; and the waters increased, and bare up the ark, and it was lift up above the earth. (Ge 7:17)
What is it that you are passing through that you think your situation is out of the ordinary? What are you facing that others have not passed through?
Could it be as demoralizing as the case of Job who, despite his predicament affirms “I know that my Redeemer liveth and that He shall stand at the latter day upon the earth” (Job 19:25).
Can it be compared with the dehumanizing case of Paul, who suffered so much during his sojourn on earth? (2Cor 11:23-30)
Learn from them. .  .
1Co 9:24 says that we should run the race that we may obtain. I pray for you. . . May you obtain mercy, may you receive grace, peace and prosperity in Jesus name. . .
Maintain your focus with FAITH. . .
Heb. 12:1 compels us to lay aside every weight (problems) and the sin which easily beset us, and, run with patience the race that is set before us.
Every weight you bear slows your speed in a race. It takes you longer to arrive at the finish line. You have to contend with hanging on to the weight so it does not drop off. You concentrate on the weight or load instead of the race before you. . . Many do not make it to the finish line.
He who bears the weight of grudges, murmurings, hatred, disgust, anger, frustration and the like will find it difficult to achieve happiness, peace and love which we all crave for. They bear the yoke of being unhappy because they care much about the words or actions of other people.
Shed the weight! Press on towards the goal of eternity and I assure you that your life will be a testimony that “Weeping may endure for a night but JOY cometh in the morning” (Ps 30:5-6).
The dawn of your morning is just a few moments away. . . Endure it. . Fight it through. . . Never give in to the devil. . Your relief comes during your waking moments. . . . I Congratulate you in advance. . .
I look forward to witness you sharing your testimonies with thanksgiving by the time you wake up in the MORNING.
It shall be a new dawn of prosperity with the echoes of new songs on your lips in Jesus name. (3John 1:2)

Remain blessed!!!